Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very large venue. Can you meet our ordering needs?
Yes we work with suppliers who have large production capacities in meeting client orders.


Many of our seats are temporary and we often use folding chairs. Can The Trash Pouch be used?
Of course, as we work with our clients to provide bags of varying sizes, according to seat dimensions, and The Trash Pouch can also be used on folding chairs.


How does The Trash Pouch adhere to the seat back? voluptatibus maiores The Trash Pouch has an adhesive strip at the top of the bag which attaches it to the seat-back. The adhesives used are all-weather appropriate and, in very hot weather and in direct sunlight, the adhesive strip will not become sticky and leave any residue on the seat-back.


The sample Trash Pouch that we have seen has two pockets. Is that what you advise?
The choice is yours. You can order a Trash Pouch with one pouch or with two pouches.


Is The Trash Pouch recycable? ahe seat back? voluptatibus maiores alias Yes.  When our customers order a clear film bag, or an opaque bag, for their venues, they will see that The Trash Pouch itself is recyclable.The SSTB has an adhesive strip at the top of the bag which attaches it to the seat-back. The adhesives used


How can I use The Trash Pouch to advertise? voluptatibus maiores alias The primary and larger open surface of The Trash Pouch can be imprinted with any advertising, PR or promotion message desired by venue management.


Bottle Recycling


Sales of plastic-bottled water and drinks have expanded dramatically.
The disposal problem has worsened in homes,businesses and your venue.


Plastic bottles take an estimated
700 years to degrade.

And Americans use 2.5 million plastic
bottles hourly, while annually Illinoisians alone disposed of 1.1 billion foam cups (enough to encircle the Earth 19 times).

In 2000:

Residents & businesses recycled only 5lbsof plastic per person.
The remaining 20lbs per
person became landfill items.

In 2008:

Cities throughout the US began taxing water in plastic bottles
in an effort to encourage recycling, and lessen the amount of bottles sent
to landfills.




In 2010:

Trends began leaning towards state statutes to mandate that stadiums and large venues increase recycling efforts.

In 2011:

The Trash Pouch supports the environment by offering
a creative solution in a recyclable form provide to stadiums with increased revenue, reduced expenses,
and "green" cleaning.