Why Choose Us

We've Got The Tools

As a subsidiary of We're Cleaning Inc., founded in 1985, we are experienced with very large stadiums and with smaller arenas and concert venues. We develop and sustain good relationships with our several suppliers.


We're Connected

For the past two decades our company has serviced and cleaned stadiums after Chicago Bears games, Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead concerts, and World Cups Soccer Tournaments at Solider Field.


We Recycle

The Trash Pouch is recyclable and it comes with one pocket for recyclables and the other pocket for trash. Not only does it simplify the clean up process, The Trash Pouch provides a creative way to support the environment. Patrons can "go green" right from the comfort of their own seat.

President's Message

With growing concerns for recycling, and a need to capture the most effective cleaning strategy, I developed a solution to trash disposal problems, and an answer to your revenue opportunity. At The Trash Pouch we hope to earn your business with our innovative methods for cleaning and product promotion."
Ms. Yvonne McGinnis  

The Trash Pouch Unique Benefits

Each Trash Pouch can hold up to 10lbs of trash including plastic bottles, aluminum cans and more

The Trash Pouch can be opaque or clear plastic and can be printed in multiple colors.

The Trash Pouch is great for advertising and broadcasting messages to audience members

The Trash Pouch contains two pouches:"Plastic", and "Trash" for easy disposal of recyclables and garbage.

The Trash Pouch is made of recyclable plastic film with a safe, mild adhesive on the top.

The Trash Pouch comes in multiple sizes and can be custom made for any occasion.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is Simple:
To provide your venue with a product that allows for faster cleanup, less labor, and way to increase revenue. We
dedicate our services to helping facilitate respected, environmentally sound, and responsible operations.

Who We Are:
A Chicago based contract cleaning service that is MBE, WBE and DBE certified. Our companies provide integrated facilities services to enhance the look and feel of your venue-before, during, and after the event.

Our Company Offers: